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6/12/13 - Amira

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Amira's enjoying a one on one tour of Zoo America in Derry Township, Dauphin County. A fun stop, the Prairie Dogs. Amira loves to chat.

"What I like to do is go to fun places, take pictures, dress up nice, and then when I was done and be a pretty girl," said Amira.

"She is captivating, when you spend time with her. She's a great kid, she's very loving, very engaging. I see so much potential in her, she's a smart kid, I think with the right family she could really go far," said Adoption Worker, Cambria Hooven. Amira's spent four years in foster care.

We've been looking for a home for about 2 years. She is an imaginative, curious, friendly, young girl, who is really looking forward to being adopted. She's doing well in school, she's a good kid" said Hooven. A good kid who is already thinking about her future.

"I wanna be a doctor and get a lotta money," said Amira. Waiting for a forever family has been hard for Amira.

"There's been times when we thought we were close, and it just hasn't worked out for her. And she's had to move several times and it's been rough on her, she's a trooper, but she's really looking forward to being adopted" said Hooven.

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