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A strip of strip clubs in Dauphin County

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In recent weeks we've talked about a York County community that is fighting the idea of putting strip club in a strip mall in Chanceford Township.

In one part of Dauphin County, there is a completely different situation. On Route 22/322 in Reed Township, just outside of Duncannon, there is what amounts to a strip of strip clubs. They're apparently not getting any opposition. In fact, it seems they've been welcomed.

"We get people driving through going to State College, to Williamsport, just traveling by," said Michael Danilshenko, the owner of Fantasy's Island. "We get people from Harrisburg that come up that want to get away from Harrisburg."

So what do the neighbors think? Right beside Fantasy Island is a truck stop. I didn't see any of them complaining. Right across the street, a couple more gentleman's clubs. We found two residents in the general area.

"They honestly don't bother me at all," said Shaleana Etheridge, who lives about a tenth of a mile from Fantasy's. "They really don't bother me. It's actually a place for more locals to hang out."

But another neighbor, Matt Brewster has a different take.

"I think it would be better if they weren't here because I've got four kids that I raise here and it's not really the best environment for them," he said.

But both neighbors seemed to be in agreement on there being no criminal issues involved.

"It's very quiet. Very quiet," said Etheridge. "I get traffic noise. That's about it."

"I don't see any crime," said Brewster. "I haven't seen any evidence of prostitution or any things like that."

"Neighbors in the township have not complained," said Danilshenko. "We had a meeting before we opened about putting the license in here and not one of them complained that they didn't want the license to go in on Clarks Ferry Island here."

We called Reed Township supervisors chairman Keith Rainey and was told he was out of town.

Danilshenko is working on adding a regular bar outside the gentleman's club for those patrons who just want to grab a drink without the dancers.


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