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Brains and bologna: Lebanon is America's 28th smartest city

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A website called Lumosity released its list of the smartest cities in America. Lebanon is in the top 30, topping cities like Boston, San Francisco and Chicago.

Lebanon's claim to fame is bologna.

"And I remember when I was a child eating Lebanon bologna, we used to fry it," said Earnest Robinson of Lebanon.

But some Lebanon residents think the rankings are bologna.

"I think that's pretty surprising just because I grew up here and I just never thought it could produce that many smart people," said Tia Gamble of Lebanon. "Maybe the fact we have Lebanon Valley College?"

LVC psychology professor, Michelle Niculsecu, said that is a good guess.

"Well you know it makes sense considering that there's a college right in town," said Niculescu. "Smarter people tend to go to college and therefore you're going to have smarter people in the area."

Lumosity used an online exercise that measures intelligence in five ways; attention, memory, speed, flexibility and problem solving.

But Niculescu said that might not be the smartest research method.

"You don't know if it's the same people logging on to do it over and over again. You don't know what is motivating that person to log-on. So you're not getting an actual representative sample of that area," said Niculescu.

Here is how some other midstate cities ranked: Lancaster, 63rd, Harrisburg/Carlisle, 82nd, and York, 126th. For a complete list of the rankings, check out http://asset1.lumosity.com/smartest-cities-2013/SmartestCities2013.pdf.

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