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Pa. lawmakers unveil bills to stop new education standards

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A group of House Republican lawmakers has introduced a package of bills designed to keep federally mandated education standards out of Pennsylvania schools.

The legislators said during a Friday news conference at the state Capitol that Common Core Standards would remove local control over education, stifle the creativity and flexibility of teachers and students, and were never approved by full vetting and vote of the General Assembly.

One proposal, House Bill 1551, would prevents further implementation of Common Core in Pennsylvania 60 days after being signed into law.

A second measure, House Bill 1552, would exempt private, religious and home schools from Common Core standards.

Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland), author of House Bill 1552, said state officials have promised that Common Core won't apply to alternative educational settings, but his bill will back up that promise.

House Bill 1553 would prohibit the state Department of Education from imposing a national standardized assessment on any student in Pennsylvania.

Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Cumberland/Franklin), sponsor of House Bill 1553, said the issue is about educational freedom for Pennsylvania.

"This package of legislation aims to place the educational success of Pennsylvania's young people ahead of the whims of the federal government," he said.

House Bill 1554 would prohibit the transfer of individual student data to the federal government.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. John Lawrence (R-Chester), said the federal government has no business collecting information on children to build large databases.

"There is no reason for Uncle Sam to keep records on little Jimmy's second grade math score, or anything else for that matter," he said.

A final measure, House Bill 1555, would create an advisory committee to conduct a study of Common Core standards prior to any implementation.


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