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Ten minutes a week to clean up York

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Every Tuesday you will find store owners in downtown York sweeping and wiping down the outside of their business.

"Trying to make a nice presentation outside with keeping the street clean, the sidewalk clean make sure your plants are looking pretty good things on the outside as well," said store owner Christina Clarke.

It's all part of a program called Take 10 on Tuesday, which is meant to encourage business owners to spruce up their sidewalks.

"We take 10 minutes every Tuesday and clean the gutter clean the font street, and it makes a huge difference," said business owner Jeff Lau.

One of the biggest problems in downtown York is cigarette butts. Walking the streets you will notice them nearly everywhere: on sidewalks, street corners and even hidden in plants.

"I think the cleaner we can keep our streets, the better it presents ourselves to the people who come to visit us from the suburbs, and yeah, it definitely helps," said store owner Karen Staub.

She says it's been helping her bottom line, but knows more can be done.

"If everybody that lived down here took five minutes to clean off their stoops, sidewalks and different areas downtown, yeah we would probably make a big difference," said Staub.

Ten minutes, one day a week sure seems like a small price to pay for a cleaner and healthier city.

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