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Gettysburg businesses buy local, hope to keep revenue in town

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Robert E. Lee, George Meade, Abraham Lincoln -- these are a few of the names you need to know when it comes to the Battle of Gettysburg.

And then there's Bill Spicer.

He's the one who designed the popular dueling cannon commemorative t-shirt.

"[The design] ended up begin a hit so we just added the 150th," said Spicer.

A local artist -- and Gettysburg College graduate -- Spicer now works for Gettysburg's Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery. His shop supplies half a dozen local stores and a majority of souvenir shops with official anniversary gear.

With an estimated $100 million in anniversary revenue at stake, businesses in Gettysburg want to make sure that the money stays here. That means as little imports as possible.

Wells Family Bakery in Gettysburg supplies local restaurants with bread and, in turn, utilizes the goods and ingredients from fellow producers.

"We give them our money, they are going to come back in and give them our money we just keep it going," said Orrin Wells. "It's a big cycle and it just works out for the better for everybody."

It's a system of sustainability that this town has known for quite a while.

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