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Mosquitoes on the rise?

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Has all the rain across central Pennsylvania translated into more mosquitoes, since the little buggers like to lay their eggs in standing water?

We didn't go out and try to count all the mosquitoes, but we did sample people on Facebook and at their homes to find out if they've noticed more.

Many have.

"Last Saturday, we had a bunch of people hanging out," said Justin Patterson of Swatara Township. "I had two, three people with a ton of bites on them."

One of those victims was Jon Kibe, who was back again at Patterson's house for a Fourth of July picnic. Was he getting bit again?

"No, not yet," he said. "I'm sure once the sun goes down, they'll be out."

"Worse than I've ever seen in a long time," said Allen Campbell from Camp Hill - and he was originally from Mississippi!

Campbell had built a little fire in the backyard to ward off mosquitoes. Was it working?

"Our little smoldering fire does help a little," he said, "but not a whole lot."

Justin and his group also are doing what they can, but apparently the mosquitoes don't know what they're supposed to be turned off by.

"Bug spray, everything," said Kibe. "It doesn't seem to do anything."

"We have the Off. We have the Deep Woods, everything like that," said Patterson. "The fire going, the tiki torches, everything. But everybody still gets bit."


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