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6/26/13: David

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David is a sweet kid who is looking for a forever family.

"David is a very sweet young man, very quiet, doesn't say a whole lot. He again is very polite. And he still has a little bit of that little boy in him," said Adoption Worker, Karen Knodel.

David loves sports. His favorites are basketball, football, and baseball. His favorite teams are the Miami Heat and Philadelphia Eagles.

David's been in foster care for a while."A lot of our kids that are in care just feel like no one cares about them, no body loves them, no body cares about them. We're looking for a family who is willing to commit long term for him. Because at 18 even early 20's he might not be willing to move out on his own," said Knodel.

"A family with siblings, brothers, and sisters" said David. "A permanent support system that's willing to help him reach his career goal."

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