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Emotions in Harrisburg over Zimmerman verdict

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He's a teen they didn't know, in a state 1,000 miles away.

But in Harrisburg, the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case is hitting home.

"It's sad, man," said a near-tears Larry Jackson. "It's sad."

Jackson welled up thinking about a dead Trayvon and a free George Zimmerman.

"You could give him five years, ten years, give him something," Jackson said. "Come on!"

Jackson and several other African-American men at Eddie's Barber Shop got a little off the top - and a lot off of their chests

"Trayvon didn't pose no threat," said Charles Morrison. "He wasn't looking through cars. He wasn't acting in a suspicious way or committing crimes in the neighborhood. He was just walking through the neighborhood."

The men were most deeply cut by a verdict that seems to support armed amateurs racially profiling. Khalif Omar is a Vietnam veteran and a Muslim.

"I dress like this and I come walking through your neighborhood. Does that give anyone the right to ask me, an American, what I'm doing there just because I'm Muslim?" he said.

Longtime attorney Corky Goldstein understands their frustration over the verdict.

"Did he (Zimmerman) follow him (Martin) because he was a black guy with a hood on? Would they have followed Dennis Owens if he was white and just walking? Probably not," Goldstein said.

But Goldstein says there was a proper arrest and charges. There was a trial with both sides represented, a jury and a judge. Goldstein says in this case, the legal system worked.

"Do I think justice was served as we know it in America? Yes," Goldstein said.

But in the midstate's black communities generally, and Eddie's specifically, Goldstein would have a tough time convincing the jury.

"If Trayvon would've killed him (Zimmerman), if it was the other way around, I believe he would have got the worse-case scenario from the jury," said Morrison.

Omar, the Vietnam veteran, concluded: "Justice wasn't done. It makes everything I served for in America go down the tubes."

Omar said there will be a rally for Martin on Wednesday, although the exact time and place had not yet been finalized.

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