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Companies start work days early to beat heat

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Penn Waste Incorporated of York has a couple hundred workers and many of them had to deal with the heat; whether in a warehouse or out in the community collecting trash and recyclables.

The company does what it can to help workers deal with the high temperatures.

"We've contacted a lot of municipalities about starting maybe an hour early in the morning," said Penn Waste president Scott Wagner. "We have ice machines on site."

The plan on starting early, do a couple of hours in the early morning to avoid a couple of hours in the mid-afternoon. Did it help?

"Starting earlier, yeah," said Penn Waste driver Warren Wagner. "Try and get it done a little earlier before this heat."

For these guys, it has also become a question of their bodies acclimating to the heat.

"Today wasn't too bad, compared to other days, heat-wise," said loader Gary Bullock. "When it first started getting hot, like that whole week it was really hot, but today it wasn't too bad."

I asked Penn Waste owner Scott Wagner about people who may be upset that their garbage was picked up maybe a bit earlier than they were ready for. He urged patience toward his guys and for any other workers that may be outside.

"It also goes beyond our business," said Wagner. "It goes to the construction worker that's out on the street, the water company's out changing the water line and there are flag men out, construction workers -- just think we all have to be courteous to people that are out in this extreme heat."


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