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Excessive power use causing outages

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People in the area are experiencing power outages during the tough stretch of hot weather.

Customers are asked to be prepared and patient in the event they lose power when it's hot outside.

Power companies have been responding to sporadic power losses as customer use excessive amounts of electricity to stay cool.

It's recommended that people close their blinds to keep the sun out and avoid using heat generating appliances during the warmest time of the day.

Residents who live near 21st and State streets in Harrisburg lost power Thursday evening for about an hour. Some residents thought they may have tripped the breaker in their homes because they were running the air conditioning at the same time other appliances were being used.

PPL officials said an overload of power use in the area caused an underground fault to blow and shut off electricity.

State employees who work at the Forum Place building in Harrisburg were told to report two hours late on Friday morning because of a power outage. It took several hours to get the building cool.


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