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Still no strip club decision in Brogue

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Much like a Sunday service, showing up before a zoning board hearing for a prayer vigil is becoming a ritual for some.

A group gathered once again outside Clearview Elementary School to protest a proposed strip club through prayer and song.

"I can't even explain to you the evil I feel that is involved in this type of industry," resident Bradley Waltermyer said.

There were two other long zoning board hearings leading up to Monday night. The most recent was last month. All of them consisted of long testimony, questions and opposition from residents.

This time, those representing the township dominated the discussion. Township solicitor Timothy Bupp said that the club would be illegal. He argued that it cannot be both BYOB and nude.

An attorney representing the landlord for the club claimed they would do whatever is legal, even if that includes dancers wearing G-strings.

Later in the meeting, the township called on a state police representative to field several questions. State police patrol that area.

Lt. Fred Hess said that it is not the position of the state police to comment on a given business. He did say, however, that if the establishment is BYOB, by nature they would expect additional alcohol-related calls.

The township also called upon an area realtor that argued housing prices could be negatively affected by a strip club in the area.

The proposal is to open a strip club called "The Office" in the Brogue Shopping Center.

No vote was taken Monday night.

The landlord for the strip club and his attorney declined to comment.

The board is scheduled to meet again on Thursday, July 25 at 6 p.m. in the Clearview Elementary auditorium. If necessary, they will hold yet another hearing at the same time and location sometime next month.


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