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Harrisburg takes steps to combat trash issue

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A recently passed law aims to combat the City of Harrisburg's trash problem.

City Council Public Works Chair Sandra Reid sponsored 'Bill 18' to address the issue of bulk trash removal, among other things.

Under the legislation, residents can put out one big item per household, per week. According to Reid, it will not cost the city extra money.

"We're already picking up bulk trash that's illegally dumped -- it's going to help sway from that illegal dumping," she said.

Bill 18 also set parameters for trash collection. Residents can put out up to six bags per week, but they must be in cans with lids. It also limits the amount of time cans can be left on the curb.

"We're giving you the tools to help clean up your neighborhood, but it's going to take more than just me passing legislation -- it's going to be the residents coming out and saying 'you know what, I get it. Let's clean up our neighborhood and let's stop throwing the trash on the ground'," Reid said.

The last part of the measure provides each city household with one recycling bin, free of charge. Bins can be picked up at City Hall on 2nd Street.

Reid said she is already working on her next piece of trash legislation, which will spell out what kinds of citations should be assessed when residents do not adhere to the trash code. It will also create a recycling coordinator who can actively enforce the laws.

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