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Thousands gather for Harrisburg's Pride Fest 2013

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Growing every year: Harrisburg's Pride Festival saw thousands of people gather at Riverfront Park on Saturday to show their support for same-sex rights.

Misty Houser of Halifax was impressed with the turnout. "There were a lot of people here this year. I was here two years ago, and there was barely anyone. But this year we really got a good crowd."

Pennsylvania's traditional reputation leaves it as the only state in the Northeast that does not allow gay marriage or civil unions.

"Very frustrating, you know? Everyone else can get married, why can't we? You know, love is love," said Houser. But she believes change is near. "It's just a matter of time now."

Deanna Gittens of York shares Misty's eagerness. Gittens is considering moving to a more same-sex friendly state. "I don't like PA because we are not accepting, and unfortunately there are still a lot of people who are stuck in their old-fashioned ways and not willing to move on."

Many Pride Fest attendees are hopefully that Pennsylvania will move from their strong stance on same sex marriage, but Deanna isn't getting her hopes up.

"Pennsylvania? I don't see it happening anytime soon."

And not wanting it to happen anytime soon is Wilson Zeigler of Millstown: "I agree that it should not be same sex-marriage or anything like that," he said.

A lot of people at Saturday's festival used the word "frustrating" to describe their feelings towards the state, but they all insist they will keep moving forward until they reach their goal.

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