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Lynchburg's Mingea Cottage Torn Down


Lynchburg, VA – Despite one group's efforts to save a well-known landmark at the Virginia Episcopal School (VES), Mingea Cottage is no more.

VES representatives would not comment on camera, but according to a written statement from Headmaster Tommy Battle, the school looked into all alternatives, including moving it the cottage.

On a campus of red brick buildings, Mingea Cottage's white exterior stood out. Now, it doesn't stand at all, and that's got Jim Dudley upset.

Dudley, who went to VES, says Mingea was dear to his heart.

"Because it was the one building on that campus that did not look institutional," Dudley said.

Mingea was an infirmary and development office. Dudley and other Mingea fans rallied for months to save it.

It didn't take long for the controversy to hit social media. Soon enough, Mingea Cottage had its own Facebook page.

"[The] The first thing I saw was on Facebook: ‘Save Mingea Cottage', Dudley said.

At last check the page had 2,423 "likes."

Despite strong emotions, VES sees the issue differently. The school has launched Vision 2016, a capital campaign to give VES a facelift.

Mingea was not in the plan.

Still, the school's board gave cottage advocates a chance to save it; 11 weeks to raise the money to move Mingea to another part of campus.

The money never came in, however.

"That could be as good a legacy as Mingea Cottage could ever have," Dudley said.

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