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Local pop singer looks to 'jump' into the big time

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It's not easy to make it in the music world. It takes a lot of talent, luck and hard work.

You can find all three of those in the pop singer Angi3. The 3 is silent. She was born and raised on the West Shore, then went to school in New York City and still lives there.

Her signature song, "Jump In," can be found on YouTube.

As much as Angi3 has worked on the musical end, she's worked perhaps even harder on getting as many gigs as she can.

"Anybody I meet, if they say they're from like Boston, I say what are the bands there?" Angi3 said. " What are the venues there? Where should I play?"

Angi3 got her start early, maybe even before a family-made Christmas album recorded when she was around 8 or 9 years old.

"That really, really started it," she said. "I just wanted to sing all the time and then every piece of music I heard, I just absorbed."

It was definitely a family thing. The album also featured brother, Mike, with Angi3 and her father.

"I could not believe, cause I've done studio work before," said Angi3's father, Dale Stipe. "Angi3 would come and nail stuff with one take - dead-on, beautiful voice."

Angi3 is partnered with songwriter Good Goose and now sings for the label Tommy Boy Records.

"You absolutely can't sit on your butt," she said. "That is the biggest thing I've learned - work as hard as you possibly can because it really does pay off."


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