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Lynchburg Parents Scramble After Daycare Closings


Lynchburg, VA – Three Lynchburg child care centers announced they're closing, leaving parents looking for other options.

Susan McLaughlin has the same routine every morning: She drops her baby off at daycare, and then goes to work right across the street. It's been that way since the radiologic technologist came back from maternity leave.

"I had it all set up when I was pregnant and everything. They worked really well with me," said McLaughlin. "I was pretty dead set on them."

McLaughlin was sad to learn over the weekend that the Centra Child Care Center would be closing, and she'd need to find a new place to take 10-month-old Avery.

"I made probably two or three calls that morning," said McLaughlin. "It was pretty stressful."

The YMCA will close its Downtown Lynchburg preschool for ages 2 through 5 on August 30.

In February, the Salvation Army closed Noah's Ark Child Car,which just like Centra, accepted infants.

Finding places that take the tiniest of tots is a problem according to our Facebook fans.

Kathy Hanson Brisentine shares her experience writing, "Moving into the area with an infant, I found it a challenge to find childcare. Many facilities were full, or didn't answer phone calls"

Another fan describes the Lynchburg area as a "daycare desert".

"A lot of places are full," said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin had a similar experience, but fortunately she found a licensed, insured, in-home child care provider.

"I wanted to go ahead and get in before everybody else started you know, trying to call her," said McLaughlin.

So come October Susan and Avery will have new routine, just a few minutes out of the way.

Centra is looking for ways to save money because of a decline in patients, and says child care is a costly benefit that very few employees use. The YMCA says enrollment is down, and state regulations are becoming tough. At the Salvation Army, enrollment also dropped.

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