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Mill Mountain Zoo Red Panda Exhibit Turns 25


Roanoke, VA - 25 years ago Monday, the Red Panda exhibit came to Mill Mountain Zoo, and it's been a big success.

The Red Panda exhibit is one of the zoo's most popular and enduring in the species survival program.

The zoo's current Red Panda members have recently added to their family.

Six-week old "Shayla" is getting closer and closer to being put on public display. The zoo's curator says it could happen as early as the end of the month.

The birth puts the zoo above what is expected of zoo's working in the protected species program.

"Now that we have had two successful births, back-to-back, we are actually a little ahead of the mark so we are pretty proud of that," said curator Robin Lentz.

This is the second panda cub born at the zoo in the past three years.

A male cub named Starr was born in 2011.

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