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Interactive aquarium exhibit opens in Baltimore

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If it's sharks you want, look no further than the National Aquarium in Baltimore's new exhibit that features 20 blacktip reef sharks.

"Everywhere you look, blacktip reef sharks are swimming right in front of us," general curator Jack Cover said.

If you prefer small and more colorful fish, like a real-life Dory and Nemo, you are in luck. The $12 million exhibit makeover is designed to give visitors an underwater experience like they've never seen.

"Not everyone can travel to the Great Barrier Reef or places like that, so you really get to come here and experience what that would be like, right here in Baltimore," Cover said.

The exhibit can be seen from three different floors. It has big panoramic viewing windows and interactive touch screens.

"When we are fully stocked, we will have over a thousand animals, and this ranges from big blacktip reef sharks, stingrays to really small fish, like inch and a half," said Cover.

Large crowds pressed up against the glass to take in all 65 different species that are swimming around the new exhibit.

"I feel like I have a diving suit on," said Gary Flowers of Baltimore.

"I was very impressed," said Del Eldridge of Michigan. "It was neat 'cause you can see them swimming around. There were multiple sharks and the stingrays up close, and you can tell where the fish hit the tank a few times. It was really cool."

If you want to check out the exhibit in person, the grand opening is Thursday.


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