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Boy rescues second dog involved in Palmyra crash

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Eleven-year-old Alex Maloy and his parents were doing volunteer work with their church along Main Street in Palmyra Sunday when they witnessed a crash that sent two dogs bolting from their badly damaged car.

"It looked like they were sprinting as fast as they could -- like they were scared because I don't think they'd ever heard that noise before," Alex said.

At the owner's request, Alex said he and his parents took off on foot in both directions, hoping to chase down the two pups. But after nearly an hour, there was still no sign of them.

"When we came back, the (owner) was just on the ground crying -- and we gave her back the leashes, cause she had given us their leashes," he said.

Feeling bad for her, and still very worried for the dogs, Alex's mom hopped on her bike to continue searching while he and his dad got in the car. After another hour, they spotted a black border collie resting beneath a tree on Prince Street.

"I saw the dog laying right on the dirt right there," Alex explained. "She looked really tired so I thought it might be the runaway dog."

A check of the tags confirmed it was little 'Cheyenne.' He said she looked scared and tired, and ran behind the house and hid.

Alex and some neighbors then stayed with the dog until a family member came to take her home.

The 6th grader-to-be said he'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

"I know I would feel very bad if my dogs ran away," he said. "So I just wanted to help her find her dogs."

The other dog involved in the crash, 'Mya' the German shepherd, was rescued and carried to safety by South Londonderry Township Patrolman Nick Ague.

The dogs' owner told abc27 both are now recovering happily at home.


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