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Curtis fights to stay in Harrisburg mayoral race

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Harrisburg mayoral candidate Nate Curtis fought to keep his name on the November ballot during a hearing Wednesday before a Dauphin County judge.

Curtis, who represented himself at the hearing before Judge Bernard Coates, faces three challenges to his independent candidacy and made a bold argument on the biggest one: his residency requirement.

Curtis argued that Harrisburg is not a third-class city, but remains under the optional third-class city charter because residents never voted out of that status. Therefore, he said the one-year residency is not required for city leaders.

"I do believe that they do not have a residency requirement," Curtis said. "Even if we are under the third-class city code, I still believe that I am innocent."

Petitioners argue and Curtis admits that he moved within city limits in mid-April. He said his military deployment last October prevented him from moving sooner.

Born and raised in Harrisburg, Curtis mostly lived on the West Shore since age 11.

"That is a river by the way, not an ocean. It's not the Berlin Wall, and where I lived really wasn't that far away," he said. "For individuals to try and say that I'm not a resident of the city, that I have no connection with the city, is ridiculous."

The message was aimed directly at Democratic nominee Eric Papenfuse, but Papenfuse's campaign has denied any involvement with challenges against Curtis and independent candidate Nevin Mindlin.

"He's lying," Curtis said. "He lied in the primary. He's going to lie some more if he's put into the office of mayor."

Curtis also faces hurdles regarding his finances. He argued the nomination form was confusing, and said he thought his stint at a security company and student loan information was not needed.

Coates is expected to issue his ruling on the challenges against Curtis and Mindlin on Thursday afternoon.


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