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Local business team develops anti-theft treasury program

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A Mechanicsburg man and his partner worked four years to develop a program called TreasureEase, and they are hoping it helps clubs keep track of their money and out of the hands of thieves.

Just last month, 38-year-old Lesley Darrin was accused of stealing $60,000 from three booster clubs in Susquehanna Township.

David Colyer and his wife were convicted of stealing more than $16,000 from the Northern Football Booster Club in 2010.

"They rationalize in their mind that it is okay to borrow the money from the club, but later they'll pay it back. But the unfortunate part is the borrowing continues, and then 'later' never comes," said Carroll Township Police Department's Detective Sgt. John Schreiner.

Josh Smith of Mechanicsburg, and co-founder of TreasureEase, hopes he has a solution.

"We decided that there should really be an added level of transparency and accountability," he said.

The program would allow treasurers to enter money raised and money spent into an online program from their computer or mobile device, and the program allows other people to take a look.

"Now instead of a closed book cash envelope style of accounting, there's 18 to 30 sets of eyes that can police where the money is being spent," Smith added.

He believes the program will also make the treasurer job easier. He says they have about 80 users nationwide.

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