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Danville Construction Moves Further Down Main Street


Danville, VA - The River District Development project in Danville is in its third year now.

As the project progresses, it's slowly moving up Main Street.

Crews are installing new sidewalks on the 400 and 500 blocks of Main Street, making it as scenic at the recently completed 300 block.

Workers have put in temporary signs and ramps for downtown businesses, hoping to make the construction a little easier on the public.

"I think it will be good in the long term, I just think right now it's kind of a hassle. Right here, this week in particular because they dug up the sidewalk, so we're struggling with having temporary sidewalks and that kind of thing, it's hard to get our people in and out. But we're making do," said Courtney Horn, who goes to church in the River District.

Construction of the new gateway pedestrian plaza near the intersection of Memorial Boulevard and Craghead Street is still in the works. It's expected to be completed within the next year.

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