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Update: Shipoke fire station staffed after abc27 report

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Following abc27's report, sources tell us the deputy fire chief moved one of five engines from a station on Allison Hill to the Paxton Fire Company.

Previously reported:

Some residents of Harrisburg's Shipoke neighborhood are concerned about their safety because Paxton Fire Company, or Station 6, currently is shut down.

A source close to the situation told abc27 News that the station's main fire engine and its two backups have been out of service since last week.

Many in the neighborhood are angry that the closest fire station shut down without notice.

"I was not notified. Nobody in the neighborhood was notified, and as far as I know nobody in the city was notified," Shipoke resident Lisa Brittinghan said. "I think it's a very poor decision on the part of the city and I'm not sure why the decision was made that way."

Residents are angry and confused because they're paying higher taxes this year, mainly for vital city services.

According to the source, Station 8 in South Allison Hill was closed for similar reasons earlier this month, and Station 8 and Station 6 were shut down at the same time for a few days. Station 8 on South 13th Street is the next closest fire station to Shipoke.

"How long do they think the firemen have to get here?" Brittinghan said. "They don't have that long to get here before a house gets damaged."

"Everything is attached together," Kui Kanthatham said. "If something happened, I'm pretty sure it's affecting more than one household."

Residents said they want answers, and more importantly they need safety.

"It would be more peace of mind to know they're close by," Kanthatham said.

There was no word on how long Station 6 would remain closed or when the engines would be repaired.

Calls to the office of Mayor Linda Thompson, the Bureau of Fire, and the firefighter's union were not returned.


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