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Harrisburg fire station staffed again

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A fire station that covers the southern part of Harrisburg was staffed again Wednesday after a working engine was brought to the station following an abc27 News report.

Wagon 4 was moved out of Station 2, at 140 N. 16th Street, and brought to Station 6, at 336 S. 2nd Street, after abc27 News reported that Tuesday evening that Station 6 had been shut down.

A source told abc27 News that the main fire engine and two backups at Station 6 have been out of service since last week.

Harrisburg Fire Station 8, at 9 S. 13th Street, was shut down at the same time as Station 6, leaving half of the city's fire stations unstaffed and uncovered, according to the source.

Station 8 also covers the Capitol Complex, and the Pennsylvania legislature gave Harrisburg a record $5 million in state funding for fire protection this year.

Calls to the office of Mayor Linda Thompson, the Bureau of Fire, and the firefighter's union have not been returned.


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