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Chatham Middle School Starts the School Year With New Dress Code


Pittsylvania Co., VA - Tina Spears can breathe a sigh of relief now that her 13-year-old daughter has a new dress code to follow.

"Getting ready in the morning is a lot easier, " she said.

Chatham Middle School's new policy says students must wear crew neck or collared shirts, in solids, stripes or plaid. Pants must be dark colored, denim or khaki. Logos cannot exceed three inches.

Principal Cedric Hairston says there's a whole new atmosphere now that fashion's not the focus. 

"Faculty and staff here at CMS can definitely tell a difference in that climate it's a climate that's conducive to learning, " Hairston said. 

The changes aren't drastic, but there are some students who have not adapted to the new policy.

Verbal warnings are given, followed by a letter to be signed by a parent, but Hairston says he hasn't sent many of those this early in the year.

"As we progress and move forward, we hope that they will comply as needed, but we have had very, very minimum of students who have not been compliant, " he said. 

Hairston hopes the new dress code will eliminate competition between students when it comes to clothing, and parents like Spears agree this will take some of the pressure off the kids and their parents.

"Basic polo shirts, basic jeans. They don't have to go out and get the name brands, so that's a good thing, " said Spears.

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