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Mother Gives Birth on Side of Route 460 in Campbell County


Campbell Co., VA - One woman's Pontiac became her delivery room Thursday morning. She was en route to the hospital on one stretch of road in Campbell County, and the baby just couldn't wait.

What happened next was all sheer luck.

Every Mom and Dad know the scenario; get in the car, buckle up and drive as quickly as possible to the delivery room. Well when that baby wants to be born, there's no stopping it, and sometimes, the passenger seat becomes the hospital bed.

Miracles can happen anywhere. Campbell County Dispatcher, Nikki Lee knows that, she took a call that proves it.

"He said, I can see the head" said Lee. She answered the phone call from a father, rushing to the hospital down route 460 in Campbell County, his wife, nine months pregnant.

"And at that point we realized he was not going to be able to make it to the hospital and he pulled over on the side of the road" said Lee.

It was then, Lee walked the husband step by step through the birth; all the while relaying instructions on how to safely bring his little girl into the world, from the front seat of his Pontiac.

"It was wonderful and exactly what I would expect and what I would've hoped for" said Lee.

Never, in more than a decade of dispatching, has Lee had to birth a baby over the phone.

"We get bad calls. I've had some bad calls, and this is a good call" she said.

"She was sent to us through the grace of God because she was so helpful and kind" said Ashiqah Mumin over the phone from her hospital bed.

Mumin is the proud mother of a healthy little girl weighing in at 7lbs. 14oz.

"You would've thought she was there. She just literally walked him through every single step, where to put his hand, how to put his hand. And I would just say thank you so much, and I would tell her boss to give her a great big raise" said Mumin.

A miracle performed from a phone.

"It was a good day; you can go home and say we did our job; we did a good return on our work today" said Lee.

No name yet for the little girl. This makes Mumin a mother of three.

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