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Police: 8-year-old shot in head by younger brother

Posted: Updated: Sep 1, 2013 11:18 PM

An 8-year-old Cumberland County boy is fighting for his life after suffering a gunshot wound to the head.

Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed said the apparent shooter was the victim's younger brother.

It happened around 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon in a home on Broad Street just off of Interstate 81 outside of Shippensburg.

Neighbor Shawnta Stouffer saw first responders carry the boy out of the house.

"They tried to work with the boy for a couple minutes," she said. "We heard Life Lion come in."

"Last we knew he was in surgery in very, very serious condition," Freed said.

Officials still had not released the victim's name or his condition, but they said it appears his little brother is the one who pulled the trigger. A neighbor told us that she believes five people lived there; three adults and two children.

Freed said there are several questions that need answers.

"Who owned the gun? Where was the gun kept? Was it maintained in a safe manner? And these are the kind of things that the state police are going to investigate and they'll consult with my office about," Freed said.

The front yard of the home where the shooting occurred was very cluttered. Freed said the inside of the home was the same way.

No one had been charged. Freed said the state police will continue their investigation.

At the scene, the little boy believed to have pulled the trigger hugged two state police troopers before he was taken away to foster care.

"Just about everybody I'm standing down there with...most of us are parents," Freed said. "They're doing the job they're hired to do. I'm doing the job I was elected to do, but we'd all rather be somewhere else today."

"This is just a shock...to everyone," Stouffer said. "You see everybody outside on their porch, wondering what's going on. It's just a shame."


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