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Dickinson College hosts discussion panel on Syria

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In a room full of over 100 attentive attendees a panel discussion played out at Dickinson College regarding Syria and the complicated question, what's next?

The panel included professors as well as former congressman and 3-star admiral Joe Sestak. His take is that the U.S. will strike because of the commitment made to deal with other countries which use chemical weapons

"The credibility of the United States is at risk. I think he (President Obama) boxed us in. Think we have no choice right now, " Sestak said.

He believes the strike would be small in scope, but it will happen.

"Operationally, tactically it's not going to have any impact upon Assad, in Syria. But strategically to North Korea, to Iran...he has to strike and I think you are going to see it," Sestak said.

The panel included professor Neil Diamant who teaches courses on Israeli politics. During the course of the discussion Diamant said those in Israel want the president to strike.

The discussion also included questions from the audience.

Dickinson senior and international studies major Jessica Karlberg was there.

"If it's a necessary sort of tactical strike to show that we mean business that they biggest question mark that no one can predict is if it will evolve into something bigger?" She added, "I hope that is doesn't."

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