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York business owners giving the boot to illegal parking

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Businesses in York have been dealing with so many problems with people illegally parking in their lots that they have decided to boot cars to deter people.

It takes just a matter of seconds to install. A few twists with a wrench, a turn of a key and your car isn't going anywhere.

"I look at booting to the positive of the two worst," said Brandon Marquette with Parking Lot Services.

Marquette said when it comes to having your car towed or having a boot, most people would prefer the boot.

"It would be bad to have to wait and pay the money, but it would be better than having my car being towed," said Jaime Candela of York.

Over two dozen private business owners have Parking Lot Services make sure the only people parked in their lots are employees or customers.

"Keep into consideration other people's property," said Marquette.

To get a boot off, you have to pay a $75 fine and call the number displayed on the sticker they slap on your window, but not everyone thinks booting cars is a good strategy.

"I think it's a little harsh. A ticket is preferably first. If it's a repeat offender, I'd understand the booting, but that's just a little harsh at first," said Lisa Whitman of Glen Rock.

Drivers have two choices: they can spend a few bucks and park legally at a meter, or take their chances and park illegally which could wind up costing more money and time.


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