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DA: 8-year-old shooting victim not doing well

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An 8-year-old boy who was accidentally shot by his 6-year-old brother at a Shippensburg area home is not doing well, Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said Wednesday.

"He is showing, at this point, little if any brain activity," Freed said at a news conference.

Authorities continue to build a possible case against the mother of the two boys. Police recovered a rifle and a small caliber revolver from the master bedroom of the home in the first block Broad Street in Southampton Township, where the shooting occurred Sunday afternoon.

"It is a silver revolver with a white handle and it looked kind of like the cap pistols I played with when I was a kid," Freed said of the handgun.

Freed said police also recovered several prescription drugs from the home.

"I know there was a long list of medications," he said. "The mother did consent to give us a sample of her blood for testing and we took that and sent that off to see what was in her system at that time. We have to wait to get the results of that testing and of course that will play into any decision we may make going forward on charges."


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