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Sept. 11 remembered across the Midstate

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Across the Midstate, people found a number of ways to honor the men, women, and children who died in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

As flags flew at half staff, Midstaters reflected on the horrific events that happened 12 years ago.

"Everything changed on September 11, 2001. It changed my life forever. It changed all Americans' lives forever," state Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) said.

Bloom was one of many who came together at the Army War College in Carlisle to remember the thousands who died on that tragic day.

"It's so important that we never forget that and we never forget those who died that day, and those who died in the years since then because of that day," Bloom said.

That was the inspiration behind a moving display in York County. The Exchange Club of Hanover is flying 400 American flags; each tagged with the name of someone who died in the attacks.

At the state Capitol, a ceremony was held to give a specials thanks to the first responders who ran toward the destruction while others fled.

"It's more than a career, it's a vocation," Edward Moreland of the Pa. EMS Provider Foundation said. "People feel called to do what they do, and very frequently will run to danger to help others and put them above their own needs."

Even those who were not yet alive to witness that fateful day are learning about it. Students at Rowland School in Harrisburg released balloons with their hopes and dreams written on a piece of paper.

Rowland principal Roma Benjamin said students wanted to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the victims because their hopes and dreams were not lived out.

"It's part of education; not just book learning, but learning how to live socially, one with another, Benjamin said. "They desire to grow older and live in a world that's safe."


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