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Police: Elderly couple lost life savings to burglars

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

An elderly couple lost an estimated $50,000 worth of gold, silver, jewelry and money when their York County home was burglarized this week - all while they were distracted by a man who was inquiring about their property lines, according to police.

Northern York County Regional police said the home owners were at the rear of their property in the 500 block of East Canal Road in Conewago Township with a man who claimed he needed to mark the property lines for a new road and housing development.

The unknown man received a phone call and told the home owners he needed to go to his truck. When he didn't return, the owners went back into the house and found jewelry scattered on the floor and doors open, police said.

A safe had been entered and a large amount of cash and jewelry were missing, police said.

Police are advising people to be cautious.

"When someone strange comes to your door, you don't have to open your door," Lt. David Lash. said. "Don't open your door, ask for ID. Ask them what they are. If they need to call for help, call 911."

Investigators said it is likely another person entered the home while the man, who referred to himself as "Billy," distracted the owners.

He was described as a Hispanic man with a heavy accent, about 5'8″ tall with short, dark wavy hair, and wearing a fluorescent vest.

The home owners could not provide a vehicle description, police said.

Anyone with information may call the Northern York County Regional Police Department at 717-292-3647.


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