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Cat shot with arrow in Lancaster County

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A young short-haired cat was recently shot with a hunting arrow in Lancaster County. It's the second time in less than a year officials are looking into such a case.

The Lancaster County SPCA says the male cat was dropped off with an arrow going through a large part of its body.

The cat was found outside Lititz. It is believed that the cat was walking around with the arrow through it for over a day.

"It was just horrible," Jennifer Wiese with the Lancaster County SPCA said.

The cat was taken to nearby Bridgeport Animal Hospital. Dr. John Hall said it was a severe case and the cat was also covered with maggots.

After taking x-rays and determining that the arrow missed vital organs and arteries, he removed the arrow by cutting it in half.

"We cut off the one part of the arrow and pulled the rest out," Hall said.

When we caught up with the cat, now nicknamed Arrow, he was still in recovery at the animal hospital. Hall believes the cat will fully recover after a little rest, relaxation and antibiotics.

Hall believes whoever shot the cat with the arrow did it on purpose.

The cat may have belonged to someone. If he is not claimed and recovers quickly he could be ready for adoption at Furever Home Adoption Center in East Petersburg in about a week.

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