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Lancaster rally supports Obamacare

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Hundreds of people armed with signs and inflatable hammers rallied Friday in Lancaster and their message was loud, clear and aimed at Congressman Joe Pitts.

Pitts is among the Republicans who are trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare."

"A lot of lives depend on this. I think everyone should have affordable health care," Shanrika Nelson of Lancaster said. "It's very important for everybody to be able to have health care, go to the doctor, so they can take care of themselves."

Speakers at the rally are fighting back against Pitts and together they expressed their desire to keep Obamacare funded.

"My biggest fear is that my insurance sends a me a letter one day and says I can no longer get treatment, they have spent too much money on me and I can't receive treatment no more, I'll die," said Angie Depatto of West Hempfield, who has been diagnosed with cancer.

But not everyone who showed up to the rally chanted to keep Obamacare funded.

"I am opposed to everything that is Obamacare," Brett Gilbert of Ephrata said. "I am diabetic, type one, and the new tax on the devices means my test strips, my blood tests meter are going to cost me money."

Pitts released a statement regarding the rally outside his office. He said, "As Obamacare rolls forward with a massive new expansion of government bureaucracy, Republicans are going to forcefully make the case that there is a better way."


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