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Mock school bus drill stems from real crash

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The Bermudian Springs School District held a mock bus accident drill Sunday.

The training session stemmed from an accident back in January when a school bus flipped onto its side.

No one was seriously injured, but school officials and first responders wanted to make sure they are prepared to handle the worst case scenario.

"I thought our folks who responded did an excellent job responding and so did the fire department. However, like anything, we always want to do a better job," said Dr. Shane Hotchkiss, superintendent for Bermudian Springs School District.

The drill looked real. A school bus turned on its side with injured students inside, flashing lights, and paramedics.

First responders and school district officials responded like the crash was real.

There were two main goals for the drill. The first was response time.

"All the patients were taken care of within about 45 minutes time which is good. Considering we only had three what we consider walking wounded," said Chief Randy Wolf, Hampton Fire Department.

The second main goal of the drill was communication.

"Making sure that patients are transported in the proper order. Making sure parents understand there's gonna be a message coming from the school district telling them what to do, when to do it," said Chief Bryan Wheeler, Medic 46 Hanover.

"We want to make sure that we communicate out the best we can to all the parents and families that we're dealing with," said Todd Staub, director of transportation for Bermudian Springs School District.

Officials said the drill was a big success.

"For us to get practice and hopefully never have to use this practice again," said Staub.

Officials said they will keep revisiting and revising policies and procedures to make sure they are always prepared.

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