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Police report 3 scam attempts on York County residents

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Northern York County Regional police are warning residents of several scams that have been reported to them.

Police said in one of the schemes, a Paradise Township woman received a phone call from a company that claimed she had won a considerable lottery prize, but needed to wire money to cover the taxes.

In a second incident, a Franklin Township man received a phone call from a woman claiming to represent Microsoft. She said the resident's computer was saving information to an offsite location that was not authorized, and asked if she could access his computer remotely to fix the problem, police said.

Police said a third scam was reported by a Manchester Township woman, who received a call from someone claiming to be from National Bank. The called requested personal and financial information and told the woman she was to be awarded $1,000 for paying her bills on time.

In each incident, police said the resident recognized the potential scam and called 911.

Police said residents should promptly report such incidents to their local law enforcement, even if they lost no money.


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