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Midstaters jaded by threats of government shutdowns

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Monday is the deadline to pass a federal budget and prevent a government shutdown. Midstaters say they are fed up with the constant political fighting.

Abc27 spoke with a dozen or more people Thursday and just about all of them said that they either didn't know much about the holdup in Washington or that they didn't care to know. Most noted that they were jaded by the frequent threat of a government gone broke.

Those who voiced their opinions were those who would be most affected, such as veterans who could see disability checks delayed.

Those looking to bear arms would not be able to get their hands on a permit.

Federal loans would have to wait.

Government run zoos and national parks like Gettysburg could close, and applying for a passport would be a no-go.

Military personnel would stay on the job, but be paid in IOUs.

It all comes down to a debate between the Republican-run House and President Barack Obama over his health care reform.

"They don't have to have this fight right now," Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania) said. "I think a lot of them are acting like third graders trying to get their point across."

The last government shutdown took place in 1995 and had an almost immediate impact on economic growth.


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