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Police: Suspicious death did not occur in North York

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Questions continue to surround the death of 43-year-old David Sellers of York. Police say his body was found by a passerby in his white sedan in the Messiah Church parking lot at the corner of North Beaver and West 10th streets on Sept. 17.

"As a result of that autopsy we found no trauma to the body, so now it's still pending for the results of toxicology," said York County Coroner Barry Bloss.

The cause of death is not clear, but Tuesday police said Sellers died in Lancaster County and was then transported to York County postmortem.

"When the body was found, the subject was in the passenger seat so that threw up some red flags immediately. It was his car, but he was in the passenger seat," said Bloss.

Bloss said the toxicology results should help determine the cause of death.

"We look for any prescription drugs or illegal drugs in a person system and, depending on what we find, that's what it tells us. If we don't get anything, many times we will examine tissues that we have, samples to see if there is any disease processing in the deceased," said Bloss.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, and they aren't ruling anything out at this time. During their investigation they have made a Lancaster connection, but still a lot of questions remain unanswered.

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