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Midstate doctor: vaccines are victims of their own success

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With the school year underway and flu season just around the corner, doctors at Good Samaritan Health System are reminding parents to get their kids vaccinated.

"It's working. I mean, there's no doubt about it. One thing you can't deny is that vaccines work. They work so well, we forget why we take them," said Dr. Randal Medzoyan.

Medzoyan also said that is why some people feel they do not need to get their kids vaccinated.

"Nobody has a neighbor with polio anymore. There's not kids getting on the school bus with the metal crutches people used to see all the time with polio," he said.

But that is not the only disease vaccines protect against. There are many others, like chicken pox, pertussis, and meningitis, just to name a few.

"A disease prevented is a diseases you don't have to treat. The diseases we vaccinate with have vaccines because they have a history of having significant consequences of illness," Medzoyan said.

Even the flu.

"It is a killer. But more importantly it costs a lot to parents in missed time from work, missed time from school, and it's very contagious so it gets around very quickly. So getting flu vaccinated is wise," said Medzoyan.

Recent reports about vaccines causing autism have injected fear into some parents. But Medzoyan said that theory has been disproved.

"What it really comes down to is unvaccinated kids don't really have any less rates of autism. Or another way of looking at it is vaccinated kids are not more likely to be autistic than unvaccinated kids," Medzoyan said. "You can't lose guard. The whole world doesn't have our healthcare system. And any point on the planet is accessible in 24 hours by plane."

Medzoyan also said it is important to get vaccinated if you are traveling outside of the country.

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