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Dauphin County mother losing two paychecks during shutdown

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Kelly Caba got the news Tuesday morning that her office at the U.S. Department of Agriculture was shutting down.  Caba and her colleagues had a brief meeting and then they took part in shutdown procedures. 

"It was a surreal experience", said Caba. "And then the reality that I was not going to get paid for a while set in."

Caba is also a staff sergeant with the Army Reserves.  She was scheduled to take part in a training drill in a few days, but it will not take place during the shutdown, so she would miss out on another payday that would come 10 days after the end of the training session.

Caba, who is married and a mother of three, says her household depends on the paychecks from both parents.  She has been deployed twice and  says the stress that comes from the uncertainty of the shutdown is more intense than taking on enemy gunfire in Iraq.

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