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WIC program will be funded despite shutdown

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Despite what congress does, the federal government shutdown will not stop mom and kids getting food among other vital services from a federally funded program.

It's the 's-word' that had many people feeling a wide range of emotions this week – shutdown, of course. Nationally, the federally funded Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Program said they were in danger of having a short supply of cash.

According to national reports, nearly 9 million moms and their kids would only have a "week's worth" of food vouchers before the $125 million in the tank would run out.

Reports like this have put people in Pennsylvania on edge, worrying about food and services in the near future. Aimee Tyscarcyk with the PA Department of Health calmed any fears by assuring moms local offices are in good shape.

"It's business as usual for us in the short term," she said. "We anticipate we can operate normally for the next few weeks."

Tyscarcyk said carry over funds and responsible spending left Pennsylvania offices like the office inside Harrisburg's Hamilton Health Center afloat. If there is a prolonged government shutdown, WIC and the Department of Health are working with the governor's office and USDA officials to extend alternative funding.

"If there is a long-term shutdown...that we can continue to provide services as best we can."

Currently WIC helps 250,000 moms and children a month in Pennsylvania. Officials want all to be aware that WIC offices are indeed open.

"Talk with your local agency and take advantage of the services that are available," said Tyscarcyk.

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