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Local Rain's Impact on Fire Danger


Amherst, VA-  It's that time of year when many people will be burning those dead leaves and brush piles. It's important to do so safely, though.

Martha Warring has worked with the Department of Forestry for 26 years.

Warring said even though we have not seen much rain lately, the number of fires has been down.  However, things were starting to get very dry since there was no significant rainfall in September.

The Department of Forestry always keeps their equipment and employees ready to respond. Warring said as the leaves fall and everything turns brown, the moisture lessens in the grass and trees and this makes the perfect time for fires to spread.

The peak time for fall fire season starts October 15 and goes through November.

"This rain will help, but if it stops and it doesn't rain for a while with the leaves starting to fall and the humidity is getting lower, it's getting back to you know, fire danger. It won't take very long- especially if we start getting any winds, "said Warring.

Monday's moisture helped cut down on the dryness, but it is still important to use fire safety.

If you plan to start a fire, Warring said the best thing to do is to be sure to have some water close to you.

Burn small piles, not big ones, and it is important to remember you can always use leaves as mulch. If you have to start a large brush fire, you should alert your local sheriff's department. You should always check locally to be sure there are no burn laws in effect. 

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