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Mindlin endorses Miller for Harrisburg mayor

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Nevin Mindlin, the former independent candidate for mayor of Harrisburg, has endorsed Dan Miller for the job.

During a news conference Monday at Miller's home, Mindlin announced he will put his full support behind Miller.

Fittingly, the announcement was made next to shovels as the Republican candidate has now dug himself out of a political hole since this summer.

The Harrisburg race has resulted in a script only Hollywood could dream of. After a bizarre Democratic primary election that involved a vandalism scandal by independent candidate Lewis Butts, book store owner Eric Papenfuse won the Democratic nomination over Miller and current Mayor Linda Thompson.

Miller won the GOP nomination via write-in ballots.

That was May. Over the summer Harrisburg native Nate Curtis threw his hat into the ring to join the race under the "Curtis for Mayor" party. Along with Mindlin's independent bid, residents had a four-way race, or so they thought.

In early August, Miller held a news conference to announce he would not accept the GOP nomination, citing he could not fight the financial backing of Papenfuse. A few days later, he paid the $25 fee and accepted the Republican nomination.

Miller said his sudden change of heart came when appeals to nomination forms threatened to remove Mindlin and Curtis from the November ballot, and he was right. A Dauphin County judge ruled both were ineligible.

Mindlin appealed the decision, but Commonwealth Court last week agreed that he was ineligible for failing to name a committee that would be authorized to fill his vacancy should he become unable to seek office.

Mindlin also ran four years ago as a Republican and lost to Linda Thompson.

Miller was eager to accept the endorsement.

"[Mindlin has] been there on the front line and has tremendous credibility," he said.

They say politics makes strange bedfellows. Well, these two men are now sharing a king-sized political platform that aims to poke holes through ‘Harrisburg Strong', the city's court-approved recovery plan.

"Why are we in such a rush to close this deal with the same brush to bring the continuing Ponzi scheme, fraud and it's perpetrators to justice," Mindlin said.

Mindlin and Miller believe the recovery plan is pulling wool over residents' eyes. Mindlin specifically targeted a deal involving the Parking Authority. He believes the deal would only carry the city for the next five years and has no long-term sustainability.

"If my interpretation is really correct in where they're going ... we're in stand to be in very deep trouble," he said.

Above all, Miller and Mindlin maintained the endorsement is about "honesty." Mindlin said Miller is now the "honest, forthright choice" to lead the capital city.

Miller agreed he is running a pure and honest campaign and urged voters to choose themselves when they head into the election booth on Nov. 5.

"It's gotta be someone people can trust and identify with, not someone who's in bed with Wall Street or a few rich developers," Miller said.

Those words became a clear dart aimed at Papenfuse. His campaign responded with this statement: "I am the only candidate offering hope and a positive future of our city. The other candidate is still stuck on bankruptcy and defeat and offers no solutions to move Harrisburg ahead."

The Papenfuse campaign also said the Democratic candidate recently received endorsements from the Stonewall Democrats, Harrisburg Region Central Labor Council, and the Central Pennsylvania Building & Construction Trades Council.

While Miller said he and Mindlin have no specifics, if elected he would welcome Mindlin into his administration in any capacity.


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