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NASCAR Drivers at Martinsville Speedway Discuss Latest IndyCar Crash


Martinsville, VA - Everyone knows the risks for race car drivers.

Over the weekend, though, 13 fans were injured when IndyCar driver Dario Franchitti crashed at the Houston Grand Prix. Now more people are wondering just how safe the races are for spectators.

At the Martinsville Speedway, officials say they are constantly improving safety to try to prevent something like the most recent incident from happening.

Fans at the Houston Grand Prix got more action than they hoped for Sunday. As IndyCar driver Dario Franchitti crashed, pieces of debris flew straight into the grandstands, leaving Franchitti and 13 spectators injured.

"It's scary to see an incident like that," said David Ragan, NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver.

Ragan says every accident should be evaluated, in the hopes of making each race safer.

"Hopefully we can learn from it, even though it is another series, I think we can take some things from it and make our racetracks a lot safer," said Ragan.

Driver Kurt Busch agrees.

"When there is pieces and debris and shrapnel that hit the fence, we have to address that and make sure that we learned from what happened there," said Busch.

At the Martinsville Speedway, President Clay Campbell says he works directly with NASCAR to regularly improve the track's safety.

"I would never say that things can't happen here, because they can, but we have done everything in our power to make it as safe as possible," said Campbell.

Campbell says in the past few years, they have improved fencing and their barrier system as well as moved the grandstands back.

"The drivers realize the dangers and things that can happen to them, but we never want to get the fans involved," said Campbell.

While Campbell doesn't yet know what the next safety step will be, he plans to continue to work with experts to determine how to make everyone even safer.

According to reports, the fans' injuries were not life threatning. 

On Monday, Franchitti tweeted that he wants to 'send my best to all the fans involved in the accident and hope that everyone is alright'.
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