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North York Borough requiring wristbands for Trick-or-Treat

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Kids who want to Trick-or-Treat in North York Borough this year are required to have a wristband.

The borough unanimously decided to make the change after receiving several complaints from residents during last season's trick-or-treat.

"We had a lot of complaints last year because people outside of our area came in and bombarded the people. We think that's because nearby areas canceled their trick-or-treat because of the weather," said Richard Shank, Vice President of North York Borough Council.

Shank says they are not going to turn kids away that do not have wristbands; they are leaving that up to the home owner's discretion.

"There's already a lot of kids in the neighbor, but a lot of people from the city like to come up here. It is not like we go down there and trick-or-treat with them. I am kind of happy, but then again it is kind of stupid in a sense. It is sad that we had to go that far," said Brianna Swartz, a resident of North York Borough.

Another neighbor did not see the point of the rule.

"I think it's good. It does not overpopulate the area, which I think is nice, but it is null and void basically if you are not going to enforce it. Then people are going to come anyway," said Eric Braycewski.

The borough says they will try it out this year and see if it works.

"There are some elderly people here that can't afford a lot of candy, and they want to make sure they are giving it to the neighbors and the people in the borough rather than people from other municipalities. This is sort of our way to tell the people outside the community to stay in your community to do your trick-or-treating and let our kids do theirs in their community, and we'll have enough candy to go around," said Shank.

The wristbands are free and can be picked up the week of Halloween at Borough Hall on East 6th Street between noon and 5.

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