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DEP investigating Camp Hill over pool water

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The Department of Environmental Protection is investigating Camp Hill Borough for allegedly trying to illegally dump chlorinated pool water.

DEP spokeswoman Lisa Kasianowitz said the department received a tip that the borough was going to dump water from the pool at Siebert Park.

"We received information that a release was going to occur," Kasianowitz said. "That allowed our inspector to be on site, waiting there for whenever they were going to try and discharge."

Kasianowitz said on Tuesday, workers had a pump in the pool hooked to a pipe that was going to discharge into a nearby field.

"As soon as they tried, a DEP inspector approached them and got them to stop," she said. "Any discharge of chlorinated water into any water in the commonwealth is unauthorized unless you have the appropriate permit and process. Chlorinated pool water can pose a threat to the aquatic life in the stream."

Borough Manager Gary Kline says the borough obeyed the law.

"Water from our municipal pool was dechlorinated, so that there was no chlorine in the water according to three separate tests; two in house and one from Aqua Specialists, Inc. The Aqua Specialists test showed that there was zero chlorine residual left in the water," Kline said. "The water was going to be used to irrigate one of our ball fields at Siebert Park. When DEP requested that we stop, naturally we complied."

DEP is moving forward with an investigation. Camp Hill is required to submit and report to DEP explaining their actions. It is possible the borough could be facing another fine.

"Camp Hill Borough definitely knows that placing a pump to pipe that leads into a field is not the proper way to get rid of chlorinated pool water," Kasianowitz said. "Chlorinated pool water should sit for a couple of weeks to allow the chlorine to dissipate and then it should go to their already readily available sewer system so that it can be treated and then discharged. They are aware of this process."

Camp Hill was fined $140,000 in May for bypassing its sewer system and illegally dumping raw sewage into the Conodoguinet Creek on several occasions between 2011 and 2013. The borough has already paid half of that fine.


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