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Furloughed federal workers may end up getting paid twice

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Federal workers across the United States who are furloughed during the government shutdown may end up getting paid twice, if only temporarily.

The House of Representatives has approved a bill to retroactively pay all furloughed federal workers. The White House backed it up and it's now up to the Senate to approve it.

But in the meantime, many of these workers are filing for unemployment, which is paid by the state. When and if they get paid by the feds, it's incumbent upon the states to get that money back. It's something they're used to.

"It's a typical situation that we may encounter with someone who didn't quite understand when they would no longer be eligible for benefits and we go back and require they pay back their over-payments. So we have a system for that," said Sara Goulet of the Pa. Department of Labor Industry.

Goulet says that as of Thursday morning, some 7,000 federal workers across the state had filed for unemployment after getting laid off. There are some 96,000 federal workers who live in Pennsylvania.

Goulet says this happens frequently where people get extra unemployment, but it's usually not a case of illegal double dipping; it's more a case of people not knowing when unemployment ends.


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