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Weight Watchers teams up with York

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Putting Weight Watchers to the test is York City, who teamed up with the weight loss system to help eliminate obesity rates in the city. 

"It is a problem in our community, particularly with our younger citizens, and we want to promote and teach them wellness and healthy attitudes towards food and exercise early," Mayor Kim Bracey said.

More than a third of adults in the city are obese and another third are considered overweight. The city realizes that not everyone can afford gym memberships.

"The problem is you can't afford to go to a place for exercise and stuff like that," said Angela Stuckey of York.

The Weight Watchers deal is charging only $3 a session, giving nobody an excuse to turn it away.

"It's a great deal and it's an opportunity to gain friendships and work with other people who are trying to help us address these issues," Bracey said.

"We do have a lot of obese children now, so I think it is a great idea," said Angela Santiago of York.

The goal this year is to have 125 people sign up and improve their health, but Bracey says it will only get bigger and better from here.

"This will snowball," she said. "We all realize to have healthier lives we need to take some stand to make it happen, so this year 125, next year 250, and it will continue."

You can sign up Tuesday from 5-7 at Lincoln Charter School in York. For more details, visit yorkcity.org/news/a261/WEIGHT-WATCHERS-IS-HERE!


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