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Lynchburg School Board Signs Off on $28 Million in Building Renovations


Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg City School Board Tuesday night approved more than $28 million in renovations to three city elementary schools; this, only months after approving and moving forward with building a brand new $80 million Heritage High School.

The renovations include new roofs, upgrades to classrooms, additions to gymnasiums; a laundry list of renovations totaling more than $28 million, over a course of five years.

And Tuesday night, that bill was unanimously approved, and will be sent to the Lynchburg City Council in hopes that it will be funded.

You may recall council debated funding for a new Heritage High School, ultimately deciding it was a priority. But when renovations to three city elementary schools were brought up at a joint city council school board meeting a few weeks ago, some members of council said, they were not on board.

City officials say it was a necessity to fund a new Heritage High School without raising taxes. They managed to do it, but the same can't be said just yet for the funding of improvements to Sandusky, Linkhorne, and Paul Munro Elementary Schools.

City Councilwoman, Joan Foster said there's a lot left to be learned before council can make a final decision.

"Our citizens need to know that we pour over that, and we look at that particular need in correlation with the other needs, the capital needs in our community" she said.

"These types of things we've got to catch up because there's been so many years of deferred maintenance, that's why it looks like it's a lot right now, but it is something that continues as long as you operate a building, you've got to maintain it" said Ben Copeland, the Assistant Superintendent of Operations.

Copeland said these schools were built in the 60s and 70s, and their upgrades will all become major necessities for the city in the coming years.

From here, this will become a part of council's next budget process starting this spring.

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